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"Popular Shoe Mart" is a partnership firm established in the year 1962. It was the vision of Sri Chukkapalli Pitchaiah, Who foresaw the potential of quality-footwear-trading in abutted market. Branding of items of mass consumption was being resorted to at a faster pace during those times. Proliferating urbanization has created awareness about the quality of branded products.

Recognizing the characteristic property of the footwear as a product of mass consumption and sensing the opportunity, Sri Pitchaiah, an entrepreneur by instinct, commenced a partnership firm under the trade name "Popular Shoe Mart". The firm commenced the initial business, opening a shop at Guntur. Sri Pitchaiah carefully nurtured the trendy consumer taste and acquired valuable insight into the intricacies of marketing branded footwear. Armed with the market pulse Sri Pitchaiah proceeded to expand the business by opening branches. Branch net work was extended year by year. And special care was taken of the interior areas of the state, and branches were opened to cater to the untapped markets. Sri Pitchaiah was the pioneer in creating and developing a retail business model for footwear in Andhra Pradesh, soon Popular Shoe Mart network became a competitor to national network such as BATA & LIBERTY etc.

Sri Ch.Pitchaiah with a vision of entrepreneurship individually supervised each and every detail of business, starting with the design of the retail Branch, the furniture & fixtures model at the branch, Quality of purchases, selling price and the after the sales-service.


Mr. Pitchaiah was instrumental in encouraging friends and relatives to establish footwear business networks on the model developed by him. Other networks such as Friends Shoe Company, Peoples Shoe Company, and Profitable Footwear, are the brain children of Sri Pitchaiah's vision. The former two networks are firmly established now in Andhra Pradesh under respective names.

Quality and competitive pricing have been the main traits of the business philosophy of ''Popular Shoe Mart". Customer satisfaction was foremost concern at popular shoe mart throughout the past 51 years. Consumer quickly recognized the philosophy of Popular Shoe Mart and the brand "POPULAR" soon became and icon of "Value-for-the-price". All major suppliers of footwear in India value their association with Popular Shoe Mart. The firm is a distributor of strong national brands such as BATA, LIBERTY, ACTION, REEBOK, NIKE, SPRANDY and many other valuable brands.


Sri Pitchaiah established a trust by name "POPULAR SHOE MART GROUP SAMASTHALU TRUST" and floated funds from family members only and helping the victims of natural calamities in national level. Donating books of progressive scientific literature to many libraries, educational institutions, publishing &  distributing number of books, pamphlets to the people to develop scientific understanding and to creative thinking, donated to P.M.Relief fund and Chief Minister’s relief funds to various states to help the people of certain states.


Sri Pitchaiah was awarded with Gold Medal for service of World Peace Sales Promotion Award, Udyog Patra Award, Lokasri Award, Vijaya Sri Award, Udyog Ratna Award, and Excellency Award from Various Institutions.


The firm has by year 1991, 100 and retail branches spread over the state of Andhra Pradesh. New and Latest models are instantly made available through the nook and corner of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The branch network was modularizes and the administration of modules was handed over to three of his sons during 1992. The modules are recognized as Popular Shoe Mart (I), a partnership firm and Popular Shoe Mart India Private Ltd. They now carry on business under the trade name "POPULAR SHOE MART" through the branch modules allocated to them independently.


Sri Ch.Arun Kumar and Sri Vijay Kumar now carry on the customary management practices formulated by their father Sri Pitchaiah. The Firm Popular Shoe Mart (I) constitutes Sri Arun Kumar & Vijay Kumar. The Capital contribution is from the respective HUF's of Sri Arun Kumar and Vijay Kumar. Both the partners are well educated and are graduates of commerce. Both of them are the managing partners and personally nurture the business following the models developed by their father. All the branches have a centralized monitoring system and all affairs are consolidated at Vijayawada. The tax obligations in respect of both Sales Tax and Income Tax are fulfilled at Vijayawada.

Recently, Sri Sandeep, Rakesh sons of Ch.Arunkumar and Avinash son of Ch.Vijay kumar, who are all well-educated, entered in to the business, implementing new ideas and successfully looking after business regarding models, marketing, finance management and other things related.

The firm had acquired 59 branches on the recognization, it had opened new branches at various towns. And the firm at present has 117 branches in Andhra Pradesh, 34 Branches in Telangana and another 8 branches in Karnataka State. The turnover peaked and reached a level of more than Rs.100 Crores.


Popular Shoe Mart (I) is on the growth path. The new branches are designed in trendy and fashionable manner to attract the attention of the new generation. All the new branches sport a trendy look. Old Branches are being remodeled to be contemporary. The firm is planning to open more number of branches. The object and target of the firm to reach a turnover of Rs.150 Crores in coming five years.


Popular Shoe Mart (I) has provided direct employment to several semi educated and skilled individuals. Employees are ensured through performance based incentive schemes, through out the business net work. Labor turnover is negligible at Popular Shoe Mart (I). Helping to children education, medical expenses and treatment all the employees as family in all aspects.

More than 150 employees are working at Head Office and more than 700 are working in retail branches. The firm introduced several new systems to sales staff to create interest and to get more incomes. Each and every employee in the firm having E.P.F. and E.S.I.facility.



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